Club BBO sessions on Monday & Tuesday 9 & 10 August

Sunday, 08 August 2021 by

The club is closed tomorrow and Tuesday (9 and10 August) due to the uncertaintly regarding how the new Covid rules apply to bridge clubs.  The QBA is seeking further advice and QBA hopes to provide an update very soon.  

In the meantime, on the two days that for certain our club will be closed, our sessions are again moving online, at the usual times;

Monday 9 August 12:20 pm
Tuesday 10 August 10:20 am


24 Boards 

Cost is BBO$3 (about $5:40) - You supply you own tea and coffee!!

All players (whether club members or not) are welcome. 

Many players have played in our club BBO sessions during a previous lockdown.  The procedure has not changed. Brief details are set out   below.  Paul Brake (on 0490 117 or John Glennie (on  0493 055 491) are available to assist if you have any queries.

A further note will be issued about what is happening later in the week.  

Gold Coast Bridge Club


How to play in our club BBO sessions 

·         To play in an event, you and your partner must log on and register for the event. This can't be done until (at the earliest) 2 hours before the event starts.

·         You must have sufficient funds (BBO Dollars - BB$) in your BBO account to pay for the game (unless your partner is paying for you).

The route to get to the game is

  • BBO Log In
  • Virtual Clubs (Under the Featured Areas in the green strip)
  • ABF Australia.
  • There are 3 headings - Pending, Running and Complete. 
  • Under Pending, find our event (Gold Coast Bridge Club) 
  • ​Click the competition title.
  • Four sections appear: Register, Details, Entries and Partnership Desk.
  • Check that your partner is on-line, and then in the Register section, add your partner's BBO username.   You are given the option of paying for your partner. 
  • Your partner will get a popup invitation on their screen, which they should accept. You (and your partner) can now log out of BBO if you wish. 
  • A few minutes before the start time, make sure you're both logged onto BBO.  If you register quite early, it is best to log out and log back into BBO (anywhere other than the casual area) 10 minutes before the start time, to ensure you have not been logged off BBO due to inactivity.
  • When the event starts, you will be removed from whatever else you are doing on BBO (provided you are not in the casual area) and taken to your starting table.            

·         A detailed guide can be found by clicking here.  If you have any queries, please contact either Paul Brake (0490 117 482) or John Glennie (0493 055 491).  You shoud register your BBO username directly with the ABF in order to get your masterpoints, as the ABF directly allocates masterpoints from BBO games.