All our sessions are open to all players, unless otherwise stated.  From time to time, these regular sessions may be affected by special events; please check our calendar.  Many sessions operate on an eclectic basis (for details, click here)


Day Type Time Comment
 Monday    Education
 9:00am -11:15am                       

 Lessons & help for
 intermediate players. **

 Standand  12:20pm - 4:00pm  Separate Open & Rookies (Under 25 MPs) grades
 BBO  6:45pm - 8:45pm Our weekly on-line BBO session
 Tuesday  Standard  10:20am -2:00pm  
 Wednesday     Education  9:00am -11:15am  Lessons & help for
 Beginners and Improvers **
 Standard  12:20pm - 4:00pm  
 Thursday    Standard  9:20am - 1:00pm  
 Standard  6:45pm-9:45pm  
 Friday  Standard  12:20pm - 4:00pm   
 Saturday   Standard  12:20pm - 4:00pm  

** Click here for more information on  Monday and Wednesday Lessons & help with play 

Please be seated at the table with your partner 10 minutes prior to play.   For our daytime sessions, the clubhouse will be open at least 50 minutes prior to play. Accordingly, the clubhouse opening times are:- Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 11.30 am; Tuesday 9:30 am; Thursday 8:30 am.

Individualised session reports are emailed out to members after each session.  Results (and hand records) are also available under the Results tab of this website. 

Looking for a bridge partner? 

Use the Pianola Partner Finder, and/or contact one of our Partner Arrangers.  For BBO sessions, you can also go to the BBO partnership desk (details in our guide).

Stationary seat:  Click here for the club's policy as to who can reserve a stationary seat. 


Table Fees


Standard Sessions:

Member: Pre-paid Ticket $7 (buy book of 10 tickets for $70 or 5 tickets for $35)

Member: Pay on the day $8 cash.

Visitor: Pay on the day $10 cash.

When making cash paymens, correct money please as no change is given.


Tea/coffee provided.

Red Point Events: Typically an extra $2 per session.

Season ticket for members (valid for 3 months) = $250

Youth Players (25 years and under): Full time students = free, others = half price



BBO Sessions

BBO Games - Monday evening (20 or 21 Boards)  BB$2 (about A$3.20)

To buy BBO Dollars, click here

To check the current balance in your BBO account, click here.

For full information on paying for BBO sessions, click here.  

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