Tournaments (or sessions)

Entering a BBO club tournament (or session)

To play in a club tournament (or session):

(1) If the tournament is set up to only allow club members (and permitted guests) to play, your BBO usernames must be recorded in our club's database.  To get Masterpoints, you must also register your BBO username with the ABF.  Your name/s only need to be recorded once by the club, and once by the ABF, before the first time you play in a club tournament, and

(2) For each tournament, you must register on BBO before it starts, and at start time, you must be logged into BBO and have sufficient funds in your BBO account to pay for the game.

A short note on this process (sufficient for most persons)

A detailed guide (to provide full details)



Paying for your BBO Game


When you register for a BBO session (tournament), BBO checks to see if you have sufficient funds in your BBO account to pay for the game (if you don't, you can't register).   The fee is automatically deducted from the balance held in your account when the tournament starts with you in it (you don't have to do anything else).   

To buy BBO Dollars, click here

To check the current balance in your account, click here

For full details on paying for sessions, click here

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