Tuition and support for Rookies and Novices

 Help with Play

Quite apart from offering beginners lessons, the club also offers tuition and support for rookie and novice players. 

We hold relaxed, but informative, sessions of mentoring and play. Full notes on topics covered are provided after each session. Tuition via email is also provided at no extra cost. Please be at the club 15 minutes before the scheduled starting times. If you're able to attend with a bridge partner, that's ideal.  However, it is not necessary, so you are very welcome to come on your own.

Players are divided into two groups, catering for different stages of player development.

Wednesdays 9.15 am to 11:15 am "(Improvers").



These are designed for players who have recently completed a Beginners class, or for those who played a little bridge in the past, and after a break are now returning to the game. 

For details of upcoming or current sessions, click here.


Mondays 9.15 am to 11.15 am ("Intermediates"). 

These are designed for players who have already developed their basic bridge skils, and are looking to gain additional knowledge and skills to enable them to compete effectively in club sessions and competitions. 

For details of upcoming or current sessions, click here.




The cost for any session is only the standard table fees ($7 for members who buy a book of tickets, $8 for members who pay on the day, and $10 for visitors) - no extra charge for any teaching!.  This includes tea/coffee. Youth players (25 years and under) are free if a full time student, otherwise they receive a 50% discount.


Our friendly and experienced teachers are happy to provide further details, or seek to organise a bridge partner for you at the Help with Play sessions.  Contact Lynley Jenkins, Education Coordintator (0418 984 856 or or Dot Piddington (0418 887 806 or

Teams of three

From time-to-time the club organises "Teams of Three". This is for those players in the development stage of their bridge.  It provides an enjoyable experience in a team based bridge competition, and gives a great opportunity to meet up with and learn from both other novice players and a friendly expert bridge player.

Three novice players are formed into a team. We organise a friendly bridge expert to be the team’s fourth member and team captain.  The team captain will partner each team-mate sequentially during the day as the team competes against other “Teams of Three”.

Australian Bridge Novice Edition

The club is pleased to offer members or persons attending its programs the ability to register for a free one-year subscription to Australia Bridge Novice edition, sponsored by the Gold Coast Bridge club.  To do this, click here.



The club has an extensive collection of books and videos to help new and developing players.  Click here for details.






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