Covid-19 Vaccination Policy effective from 17 December 2021

Friday, 03 December 2021 by Paul Brake





The Queensland Government has announced that inter-State travel restrictions will be eased from 17December 2021. This will increase the risk of Covid-19 virus transmission within our community.

The Queensland Government has issued guidelines operative from 17 December 2021 which permit only vaccinated people to enter certain venues, including Bridge clubs.

The Bridge community in Queensland consists of a large percentage of people who are at high risk and otherwise vulnerable to infection from the virus, including many persons who are aged 70 years and above.  Many of them have partners or other close family members who are also vulnerable.

The Gold Coast Bridge Club takes seriously its duty of care to try to keep its employees, volunteers, officials and members as safe as possible.


The Gold Coast Bridge Club has resolved that, in keeping with Government and community standards and the identical vaccination policy to soon be introduced by the Queensland Bridge Association, the Gold Coast Bridge Club will only permit people who are vaccinated (meaning that they have received double vaccinations) to attend at, or participate in, sessions and events at its clubhouse or premises.

This requirement is not limited just to bridge members and players, but applies to everyone including non-members, non-players, kibitzers, beginners, employees, volunteers, contractors, and food preparers.

The onus is on the individual person to provide satisfactory evidence that they are vaccinated.

Such evidence includes the production of an appropriate current Government issued vaccination certificate (electronically or in paper form).

Such evidence must be produced to the nominated person on arrival at any session or event at the clubhouse or premises. 

Information relating to vaccination status will be treated as confidential, and access to it will be restricted.