• Cecily Critchley (Died 2018)

    When Cecily joined the club in 2006 she was unknown to the newer members of the club however senior members knew her through playing in congresses in South East Queensland. Cecily was a grand master and had represented Queensland at the ANC, and also won several honour board events at our club.

    Cecily was a psychologist and worked in that field in the 70s & 80s. In 1985 became a dealer in decorative antiques and arts and opened a shop in Paddington, Brisbane.

    Cecily was involved in teaching at the Brisbane Bridge Centre in the 90s and began helping with supervised play at the GCBC in 2013. During this time Cecily knew that she wanted to become a bridge teacher obtained ABF accrediatation as bridge teachers and (together with Lynley Jonkins) took over the role as the teachers for our club in 2014. Since then Cecily dedicated her live to teaching bridge at our club and her very strong following of restricted players is a testament to the popularity and success she achieved as teacher and mentor to the newer members of the club.

    Cecily qualified as a club director and was awarded life membership of the club in 2016.

    Members of the club have followed Cecily's journey in her battle with the ravages of cancer and she was admired for her stoic battle and the positive spin she displayed during this battle which tragically she succumbed to in May 2018.

    Cecily will forever be in the hearts and minds of the members of the Gold Coast Bridge Club and remembered for her dedication and devotion as a teacher and mentor to her many friends and followers at the club.

    Cecily may rest in peace knowing that she has impacted on the lives of so many members of the Gold Coast Bridge Club.

  • Saul Issacs 1929 to 2015

    Saul was a popular long-time member of the Gold Coast Bridge Club, joining our friendly group in 1995. He was a Silver Life Master.
    Saul passed away after a long battle with cancer. Everyone who knew Saul admired him for his gentleness, kindness, sincerity and a mischievous sense of humour. It was always a pleasure to play with Saul and his lovely wife Connie knowing that you would be treated with the greatest respect.

    Saul was born in Rangoon, Burma in 1929 where he lived until the Japanese advanced into Asia in the 2nd World War caused his family to move to India. After several years Saul settled in the England where he married Connie in 1957. In 1962, the family with two sons moved to Sydney where Saul (who had a science degree) got a position as a nuclear scientist with the Atomic Research Centre at Lucas Heights in Sydney where he remained until he retired in the 1980s. In retirement Saul and Connie moved to the Gold Coast in 1992 and joined our bridge club in 1995.

    Saul was a very talented guitarist and composer and enjoyed the company of many musicians from the Coast at their regular jam sessions. Connie is also a very accomplished singer who loved to join in with them. Saul greatly enjoyed cryptic crosswords, backgammon and other card games.

    Saul was one of nature's gentlemen and will be sorely missed by all that knew him.

  • Fred Krauss 1936 to 2015

    Fred was born in Romania and lived his childhood years in Europe. As a teenager he served his apprenticeship in engineering and was one of the top 100 out of 3,000 candidates.

    During 1956 Fred left Europe to seek adventure in Australia where he became a well-known character during the building and expansion of Australia in the 60's to 90's. Fred was known as "King of the power stations" as during this era he was involved in the planning and building of major power stations throughout Australia.
    Fred next decided to retire to the Gold Coast and made his second home the Gold Coast Bridge Club. No matter when you turned up at the club you would see his beloved vehicle - the blue 4-wheel drive "chariot" parked at the club. Sure enough, Fred was inside the club playing bridge or dealing boards as chief dealer for many years.

    A lifelong love of the theater and opera were another of Fred's passions. He enjoyed many shows in major cities and the local Gold Coast Arts Theater.
    Fred suffered a serious illness in 2013, consequently his leg was amputated. But this didn't stop Fred, he still turned up at the club in his new "chariot" (a red motorised wheelchair) looking forward to his game of bridge.

    The club is saddened at Fred's death and he will always be remembered for the dedicated time and effort he put into his favorite game and favorite club.

    RIP Fred.

  • Peter Leden 1920 to 2014

    Formally Eugene Peter, but known to everyone as Peter. A larger than life colourful character who always had a smile and a warm greeting for everyone. Born in Czechoslovakia on 29th February 1920, Peter was a brilliant student and loved mathematics.

    During WWII, Peter was engulfed in occupied Europe, forced into captive labour for some years and eventually escaped to become part of the resistance movement. He came to Australia after WWII and eventually settled on the Gold Coast becoming a long-time member of the Gold Coast Bridge Club. An engaging character and mentor who was loved by all. Maths, opera and bridge were his passions and he eventually achieved his burning ambition to become a bridge Grand Master. Peter’s favourite saying was Australia is the best country in the world, Queensland is the best State and the Gold Coast is the best city in Australia.

    Vale Peter, we miss you.

  • Graham Henry 1947 to 2015

    Graham Henry was born 20th February 1947 in Sydney. After ten years, the family moved to Brisbane where Graham went to St. Columbians secondary school followed by University of Queensland where he obtained his degree as a Batchelor of Commerce.

    Graham started his career with Anderson Consulting in Melbourne. He married Grace in 1970 and they spent the next year in Chicago. As a partner and board member Graham worked in various locations; Sydney, Brisbane, Chicago and Hong Kong, finally becoming managing partner for Asia/Pacific.

    Graham retired in 2000 and became interested in bridge. He joined the Gold Coast Bridge Club in 2000 and joined the Board as Treasurer, a position he held for many years. His knowledge and professionalism enabled the club to progress from being a club to a corporate entity as Graham changed the way we did business. Graham was a quiet unassuming and dedicated member of the club and his meritorious service was rewarded by receiving an honorary life membership in 2011. He retired as Treasurer in 2014 and remained a member of the Board.

    Graham and his wife Grace both loved their bridge and the club. Being accredited directors they volunteered their services for many years conducting bridge at the club for two sessions a week.

    The members of the Gold Coast Bridge Club will always cherish fond memories of Graham who was a mainstay of the club and known and respected by all.

    Vale Graham.

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