House Pairs opportunity at the Gold Coast Congress

Sunday, 26 December 2021 by Paul Brake

At the Gold Coast Congress (organised by the Qld Bridge Association) you can both help out the QBA and benefit yourself at the same time!

The Congress consists of a number of separate events of varying lengths, spread out over a period of time. The QBA is looking for a limited number of “house” pairs to come and play for an entire event, whether it be a 3 day event, a 2 day event or just a one day event. House pairs are only used if the numbers are not even, so half a table in the pairs or an odd number of teams entered in the teams.

To be considered for a house pair position, you must be available for the whole of the relevant event.

If you are one of the QBA house pairs, you


  • Turn up at the first session of the relevant event.

  • If you are needed to make up an even number of contestants, you will play for free in all the sessions of that event – any Masterpoints earned are yours at no charge.

  • If not so needed, you will still get to play for free – There is always a single session Red Point “walk in” side event starting at the same time, and you play for free in that single session side event.

At any stage of the event, you may be contacted to see if you could substitute for contestants (and again play for free and again earn the masterpoints).

In all cases: -


  • You are guaranteed a game (either in the event for which you are the QBA house pair or a Red Point side event)

  • You get to play for free.

  • No entry forms required – the QBA does all the paperwork.

  • You are entitled to any masterpoints you earn.

What the QBA needs is your name, ABF Number, contact email address and phone number, and what event(s) you have an interest in being a house pair.

To express your interest (or to answer any questions you may have), please email Kim Ellaway, the QBA manager, on


Paul Brake
Gold Coast Bridge Club



(1) The QBA needs one house pair for each of the following events:


  • Bobby Richman Pairs – 1 open pair, 1 intermediate pair, 1 restricted pair and 1 novice pair – all day Saturday, Sunday and morning of Monday

  • Weekend Swiss – 1 open pair, 1 pair under 500 masterpoints – afternoon Saturday, all day Sunday.

  • Monday Butler – 1 open pair, 1 pair under 500 masterpoints – all day Monday

  • Teams – 1 open team, 1 Under 1500 masterpoints team, 1 intermediate team, 1 restricted team and 1 novice team – all day Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. As this is a teams event, 2 pairs are required for each section.

  • Ivy Dahler Butler – 1 open pair, 1 intermediate pair, 1 restricted pair – all day Friday and Saturday Morning.

  • Seres McMahon pairs – Friday - 1 open pair

  • Friday Novice pairs – Friday - 1 novice pair.

Novice = under 100 masterpoints

Restricted – under 300 masterpoints

Intermediate – under 750 masterpoints

Under 1500 – Under 1500 masterpoints

Open – any

(2) The Gold Coast Congress is the largest bridge competition in the Southern Hemisphere. This year, the principal events are being held between Saturday 19 and Saturday 26 February 2018, held at (as usual) the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre. It is a great opportunity to play in a wide variety of events of all player standards. For general information about the Congress, visit

(3) The QBA will also need a limited number of single “house” players for events at the Congress to cover individuals who get sick or otherwise unexpectedly become unavailable during an event. While these will be sought much closer to the event, players can contact the QBA now if they wish to express an interest.