Your personal "MyABF" account with the ABF

Thursday, 14 July 2022 by Paul Brake

The Australian Bridge Federations is implementing a new technology platform throughout Australia. It is called  My ABF.

MyABF gives players a personalised login for your bridge activities from where you can:

  • View your masterpoints

  • View, enter, and pay for many bridge events

  • Manage your personal details

  • See announcements from the ABF, your State and (potentially) individual bridge Clubs.

  • Run a “Bridge Credits” account with the ABF which you can put money into to pay for your bridge entries for events organised in MyABF.

MyABF allows individual clubs and the QBA to list events and accept online entries and payments.  While many clubs (including the Gold Coast Bridge Club) are still in the process of adopting this technology, the ABF is encouraging all players to sign up and become a part of this new and very useful development. 

The ABF has a number of videos and guides to assist those using MyABF.  This includes 


A full list of videos and How to Guides is available on the ABF Website.

It costs nothing to set up your own MyABF account, and many players have already done so.  You can do so by clicking here (there is no need to read the written “How to” Guide!).  Registering is a one-off action that usually takes under a minute. 

To set up your own free MyABF account you just need your computer, tablet or mobile phone, your ABF number, and be able to log on to your own emails (two people cannot share the same email address). While the process is quite simple, if for any reason you would like some assistance, the following players  are happy to sit down at the clubhouse with members to assist them to set up their own personal MyABF account.  

  • Pat Beattie, Paul Brake, Ashok Chotai, John Glennie, Alan Kestenberg, John Lemarchand, Dot Piddington. 


Paul Brake
Gold Coast Bridge Club
14 July 2022